Judge Katherine Feinstein Announces Her Retirement

Posted on December 20, 2012



San Francisco (YW) Presiding Judge Katherine Feinstein of San Francisco Superior Courts announced her retirement, effective January 31, 2012 after 12 years of serving on the San Francisco Bench and many years as a dedicated public servant. She served as presiding judge during the most tumultuous two years of the courts history while a 98 million dollar budget was whittled down to just 74 million dollars, causing the loss of 10 commissioners, 57 employees and forcing 11 civil courtrooms to close.

We’re not necessarily going to cover this story the same way that the Chronicle and others are going to cover it because we want to draft Katherine Feinstein to be appointed the next Attorney General of the State of California when Obama elevates the current AG Harris into his administration, which is seeming increasingly likely. Such a move would certainly permit us to erase the AG’s office off our current Judicial Council org chart and place someone in office who is a strong prosecutor intimate with the issues, a strong supporter and advocate for our trial courts and a fierce opponent of waste and abuse at the highest levels of the judiciary.

According to the Chronicle, Judge Feinstein has no plans as of yet for her future and says that the current nosedive in the judicial branch budget has played a significant part in her decision to retire. She currently has no plans for the future.

JCW wishes Judge Feinstein well and thanks her for her service to the people of the State of California and the residents of Baghdad by the Bay. Judge Katherine Feinstein will be replaced by the incoming, recently elected presiding judge Cynthia Ming-Mei Lee.