The AOC’s 70+ exceptions to the current hiring freeze

Posted on December 12, 2012


In the next twenty days, it is being alleged that the AOC will drive through 70+ exceptions to the current hiring freeze. There is a reason for this urgency which we’ve heard also from other entities that are interested in state employment. With the changes in CALPERS benefits coming to those that are hired after January 1, they may not be interested in full-time employment with the AOC. So the AOC intends to bring those people on as fast as possible.

This will be a straight conversion from temp to perm without any other candidate competition. It is alleged that Gerald Pfab is converting all of his Apple One temps (about 40 in all) that work for the old facilities management unit, now called facilities maintenance from Apple One temp to perm and it is being alleged that Information Services will also convert over thirty temps to perm by the end of the year.

It must be nice to be top dog and write court budgets and your own budget. With dissent forbidden or censored, you can do whatever the hell you want and get away with it.


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