Judicial Council Watcher is named in a New York Racketeering Lawsuit

Posted on October 27, 2012


Yesterday Michael Paul forwarded us a 43 trillion dollar racketeering lawsuit filed in New York State. In that attached lawsuit it appears that Judicial Council Watcher and those affiliated with us are alleged to have been placed on  the “Nixonian enemies list of the Obama Administration” . (page 34)

Say What?

One of our people mentioned the “I’m somebody” skit in Steve Martin’s movie “The Jerk” with a little quip about JCW being somebody because we were identified as being maintained on an enemy of the state list in a 43 trillion dollar racketeering lawsuit. Luckily it does not appear TSA has taken this list seriously yet and we haven’t yet made the no-fly list……


Other interesting tidbits in the lawsuit: An allegation on page 36 regarding a Tony West / Kamala Harris Syndicate that stole over 590 million from you and a Holder – George syndicate (Yes, that George) that stole at least 500 million from you.


Meanwhile back at the ranch, our Chief Justice started our last JC meeting by telling people that if someone brings a problem in the branch to the attention of the judicial council that they’re obligated to resolve it.


When pigs fly.

They’re obligated to resolve it if it is actually a problem but through OGC machinations, problems tend to become policy. That’s about the time when OGA and communications (fondly referred to as California’s Ministry of Truth and Enlightenment) goes out and sells that trash to legislators and to the public and tries to sell it to the rest of the branch.

Regrettably this time around we did not sit in or listen to this months JC meeting due to resource conflicts but we hear that there is now a new street term for not speaking with one voice.

“I’m going to go all Westley on you “

Let’s hope the term doesn’t catch on.

Much like most of you, we’ve also been tracking the Prop 30 and Prop 38 debacle. Standing on one shoulder is the “employee and public advocacy” angel that is whispering in our ear that we sincerely hope Prop 30 passes because the resultant cuts will shut down our justice system if they materialize. That angel tells us that our branch and our individual courts need more funding.

On the other shoulder is that sharp-tailed fellow with horns that tells us that our taxes currently put us at number 4 in the nation for taxation. That people pay a court reporter fee with every civil filing but are not entitled to a court reporter even though they paid the fee. Then we have the AOC’s ghost fleet of enterprise rent-a-cars that is used primarily by OCCM. We have over 500 boards and commissions where former politicians man cushy appointed positions after they leave office. Some become judges and justices in that legislative horse trade. And we need 246 more of those types of appointments to accommodate future appointees. We build some of the world’s most expensive public buildings. Deferred maintenance by the state under the AOC is far worse than deferred maintenance ever got under county control and is currently weighing in at an estimated 2.5 billion dollars. But the JC has much larger priorities like CCMS.

We have Caltrans who recently was forced to sell over 1,600 vehicles that has gone out and replaced those vehicles with rentals at a substantially higher cost than Caltrans fleet vehicles. We have the CCMS debacle which was a colossal waste of public funds. We have Mr. Kelso pension-spiking himself via the AOC. We let Vickrey and Overholt retire and keep their pensions when they should have been indicted and we are currently watching the death star engage in an eighteen month delay at reforms after a previous eighteen month delay under the auspices of studying the issues. We all know in the end that seventeen months from now, the AOC will be much larger than it is today, there will be more employees, managers and supervisors and a myriad of other unfunded divisions and positions justified because Sacramento changed some law.  The Governor confiscated about a third of the cellphones in this state only to watch other state employees erase that savings with government funded i-pads and data plans. 

The combined statewide unfunded pension liability from all public pension plans stands at a staggering 485 billion dollars or 4 times our current state budget.

Basically our state overspending brings us to a fiscal cliff year after year. California government does nothing to ferret out fraud, waste and abuse and prosecute it. Corruption and a tremendous amount of self-dealing appears to be the latest of entitlement programs. And that little sharp tailed character with horns wants us to tell the state to clean up their own house before you reach into my pocket, knowing the only way to get the job done is to turn off the money spigot to Sacramento – and to the Judicial Council in San Francisco.


From Wikipedia:

The Ministry of Truth is involved with news media, entertainment, the fine arts and educational books. Its purpose is to rewrite history and change the facts to fit Party doctrine for propaganda effect. For example, if Big Brother  (or in this case the Judicial Council or the AOC) makes a prediction that turns out to be wrong, the employees of the Ministry of Truth go back and rewrite the prediction so that any prediction Big Brother previously made is accurate. This is the “how” of the Ministry of Truth’s existence.

Within the novel Orwell elaborates that the deeper reason for its existence is to maintain the illusion that the Party is absolute. It cannot ever seem to change its mind (if, for instance, they perform one of their constant changes regarding enemies during war) or make a mistake (firing an official or making a grossly misjudged supply prediction), for that would imply weakness and to maintain power the Party must seem eternally right and strong.

Sound familiar?