The hiring binge resumes in earnest

Posted on October 21, 2012


In the completely misguided belief that they’ve had their time for studies, that the audits have concluded, that over 500 judges had their say and most important – all that concerns you is merely water under the bridge, it is being alleged and there is some evidence of it that while layoffs continue in the trial courts, the hiring binge has resumed over at the AOC.

One way that the hiring binge has resumed is that they’re now trying to onboard over a hundred contractors and consultants that have been recently identified by us and others in addition to putting out job vacancy announcements utilizing linkedin for HR positions, ‘company confidential’ listings for IT personnel and various listing methods for attorneys.

With Jahr at the helm and a reorganization that is alleged to last eighteen months and “a sea of change” already alleged by Jody Patel, AOC employees themselves view the current reorg as rearranging the deck chairs in an effort to continue to protect those who are and have been less than ethical and promoting them instead of terminating them. Just as many of us are bewildered that the charade persists and no one has been held accountable for anything, AOC employees are equally as bewildered.

So what do you think? Should we be just dismissing all that has gone on as water under the bridge when poor planning by the central bureaucracy continues to shut down courthouses, hundreds of courtrooms and results in layoffs of thousands of employees? Is this serving justice to continue to play the water under the bridge charade? To continue to pretend that all we have is a series of responsible management decisions that critics and whistleblowers interfered with?  To just stand by as our current chief justice attempts to use her charms to suggest that the judicial branch needs to be manipulating legislators? To have entirely new barriers erected to accessing public information courtesy of justice Hull?

If we were to measure transparency and accountability on a sliding scale of 1 to 100 with 100 representing a responsible government agency, a year ago they would have been sitting with a grade of about 35. Today that’s more like 20.

And yet we’re supposed to trust them, to back them up with the full faith and credit of the entire judiciary and to speak with one voice?

Judicial Council meeting agenda for October 25, 2012