Links from our friends at the Center for Judicial Excellence

Posted on October 9, 2012


While our primary focus is on the Judicial Council and the AOC, we also look at reforms at this level as the gateway to reforming different parts of our judicial branch where we think something needs tweaking. That won’t be our mission, nor will it evolve in that general direction. We like to cover interesting ( and even novel ) ways that others address some of the reform issues that arise elsewhere in the judicial branch. Towards that end, the Center for Judicial Excellence compiled a series of media links of interesting stories about our family court system and we’re happy to provide those for your reading and viewing pleasure.

Los Angeles:

Children Lost in the Family Court System- 4 Parts

Part 1San Diego Protest moms, Damon’s story, Alanna’s story (run time 10:11)

Part 2LA’s Judge Nash on juvenile court (run time 04:14)

Part 3Kathleen Russell on the broken courts (run time 04:20)

Part 4Hope for the Future, Cummings Foundation (run time 01:36)

Former Family Court Judge Speaks Out- NEW!

Video  – Whistleblowing former judge DeeAnn Salcido (run time 04:55)

Damon’s Story- Lost in the System- 8 Parts

Part 1 – Damon’s Story: A First Look (run time 06:06)

Part 2 – A First Look Update (run time 05:44)

Part 3 – A First Look Latest (run time 05:19)

Part 4 – Damon Tells Story, His Father Responds; Legal Analysis Latest (run time 06:16)

Part 5 – Damon Tell His Story, His Father Responds, Legal Analysis Latest (run time 07:22)

Part 6 – Damon’s Story – Lost in the System (run time 06:43)

Part 7 – Damon’s Story – Lost in the System: the Latest Interviews (run time 04:33)

Part 8 – Damon’s Story – Lost in the System: More Interviews (run time 06:04)

Michigan case:

Bad Behavior Behind the Bench in Family Court – (corrupted link from Fox 11 News, needs to be updated)

Cleveland, Ohio (FOX 11 is about to cover this case):

Big-name Cleveland family embroiled in custody battle 

Video(run time 04:40)


Monterey & Central Coast (print coverage of Damon)

Teen Speaks Out Online About Family Sexual Abuse

Article(posted Aug.30, 2012)

16 Year Old Uses Youtube to Claim Sexual Abuse by Father 

Article(posted Sept. 01, 2012)

Central Coast Viewers Help 16 Year Old in Hiding 

Article(posted Sept. 01, 2012)

16 Year Old Boy’s Mom Speaks Out About Sexual Abuse Claims

Article(posted Sept 06, 2012)

Teen In Hiding Talks With Sheriff

Article(posted Sept. 30, 2012)