Meet Justice Harry Hull & Media report confirms disparate treatment for ACJ judges

Posted on October 4, 2012


Not too long ago we all probably read one of our posters mentioning that Justice Hull was elevated to the appellate court so fast that his coffee didn’t have time to cool.

Sonofagun if that poster wasn’t right on.

On the face of things without knowing Justice Hull, one would think he is a bazillion years old and still uses chisel and stone tablets or tribal drums to communicate because we can tell he doesn’t appreciate the modern conveniences of email.

So exactly who is this character that insists that people “send me a letter over your signature setting forth the information you are asking for”so that he has an accurate record of the request and then  “I can then consider a response to your inquiries.”

Surely this writing is from a source so anal that they squeak when they walk. The problem with elevating persons from the superior court to the appellate court so fast is that they don’t develop any appreciation for the plight of common men and women. They’re the elite chosen ones that have not had the time to season and mature. So it was no surprise to learn that not only is Harry Hull is just a little older than this authors age, Harry Hull has set forth meticulous diversionary tactics to thwart the release of public information by anyone other than approved sources, like those in the media that play nicely with the AOC and report only what the AOC desires reported.

You see, not only does Mr. Hull require your request in writing to be snail mailed to him over your signature , he has no intent of acknowledging the mailed correspondence, insisting that he did not receive your snail-mailed request the first time. Of course because he is a justice, you are supposed to take his word that your correspondence never arrived. Unlike those people at the AOC where you can escalate matters to the council, there is not many people to complain to when a council member and an appellate justice feigns ignorance.

Maybe it is time the legislature revisit sunshine laws as real laws with teeth and consequences, not nebulous rules of court that go unenforced for the elite at the AOC and on the Judicial Council.

Meet Harry Hull.


Harry Hull, Associate Justice

Justice Hull is a member of the Court of Appeal, Third Appellate District in Sacramento

ADMITTED TO THE BAR: Illinois, 1972; California, 1976, United States District Court for the Eastern District of California, 1976; Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, 1977.

EDUCATION: Juris Doctor, University of Illinois College of Law, 1972; Bachelor of Science, Business Administration, University of Illinois, 1969.

PROFESSIONAL HISTORY: Captain, United States Air Force Judge Advocate General Corps, 1972-1976, circuit prosecutor, 1974-1976 prosecuting criminal cases including murder, sexual assaults and narcotics offenses; Assistant United States Attorney, Eastern District of California, Criminal Division, Sacramento, California prosecuting federal criminal cases including bank fraud and embezzlement, currency violations, narcotics sales and importations, bank robberies and firearms violations, 1976-1979; Sole general practice, 1979; McDonough, Holland & Allen, Sacramento, California associate and partner, 1979-1995, general civil litigation practice in business, real estate, redevelopment, public law, health care law, and toxics and hazardous waste matters.

JUDICIAL HISTORY: Judge, Sacramento County Superior Court, appointed 1995, elected March, 1996, (Superior Court Appellate Panel, Grand Jury Advisor); Associate Justice, Court of Appeal, Third Appellate District, nominated December, 1997; confirmed, February, 1998; retained for term provided by law, November, 1998.

PROFESSIONAL ACTIVITIES/ASSOCIATIONS/AFFILIATIONS: Member, Judicial Council Task Force on Jury Instructions, 1997 to 2003; Judicial Council Advisory Committee on Civil Jury Instructions, 2003-2008; Administrative Office of the Courts Appellate Advisory Committee, 2009-Present; Master of the Bench (Emeritus), Anthony M. Kennedy American Inn of Court 1998 to present; Master of the Bench, Milton L. Schwartz American Inn of Court, 1995-1998.

EDUCATIONAL/PROFESSIONAL HONORS AND AWARDS: Finalist, National Moot Court Competition, 1968; Chairman of the Board, McDonough, Holland & Allen, 1994-1995.

PROFESSIONAL TEACHING/EDUCATIONAL ACTIVITIES: Adjunct Professor, University of California, Davis, King Hall School of Law, 1999-2000; Lecturer, Sacramento Barrister’s Club; Sacramento Area Legal Assistants; American River College. Article, McDonough, Holland & Allen Quarterly Newsletter “Insurance Coverage in Toxics and Hazardous Waste Matters.”


A slim resume by any standard. And now he is “leadership”?




October 4, 2012
Dear Members and Others,On Tuesday we informed you that it was apparent the AOC and Judicial Council had implemented a policy treating information requests from the Alliance differently from those of others. This disparate treatment has now been confirmed by branch leaders.

We attach an article by Courthouse News reporter Maria Dinzeo which includes quotes from council members Justice Harry Hull and Justice Doug Miller. An attempt is made to justify Justice Hull’s self imposed rule that Alliance members submit requests to him via U.S. mail rather than by email. We trust your judgment to discern whether his explanation makes sense in our digital world.

We also attach for your consideration an information request that was sent to Justice Miller over a month ago which he has never acknowledged, instead relaying it to Justice Hull, who demanded, via US mail, that the matter be submitted to him again, also via US Mail. These are the sorts of requests for information that Justice Miller, Justice Hull, and the AOC apparently find “intimidating.”In any event, we continue to await the Chief Justice’s response concerning this matter. We are hopeful that the Chief Justice will end this unfair treatment of her judicial colleagues and immediately direct that council members and AOC staff respond to these legitimate requests for information without delay.

Directors, Alliance of California Judges


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