The Dydzak Racketeering Complaint against “Team George”

Posted on September 25, 2012


We have to admit that it is a little disheartening to not see the names of reputable attorneys and law firms stepping forward and filing similar litigation but it goes to show how deep the issues lie. For one thing, the AOC continues to hire lawyers and law firms from all over the state to represent them and the trial courts so that anyone wishing to take them on is going to have a really hard time finding anyone competent that isn’t legally obliged to conflict out. And where those endeavors are unsuccessful, there is always the threat that “Team George’s” state bar will rip your bar card away for taking them on.

Even if you manage to find a competent, willing attorney to take on “Team George” it appears that the team george tentacles reach out to the local bench’s around the state with no judge willing to advance any of these complaints.

Are they all without merit?

Did many of these events not happen?

This is what Team George wants others to believe – that people got their fair hearing in court and that the cases against them are without merit – just pay no attention to that stack of evidence because they’re nipping it in the bud pre-trial as that evidence will never see the light of day. Unless of course it is the “Team Jacobs” matters where you intentionally submit a defective complaint and actively do everything possible to ensure that you can’t possibly win your case, for if you win, you’ve committed the crime of hiring an unlicensed contractor. If you lose, no crime has been committed. Talk about a prosecutorial conflict of interest….

Attached to this post is the Dydzak racketeering complaint against most of whom JCW knows as “Team George” and quite a few other players outside of the “Team George” circle.

Dydzak v. Schwarzenegger Complaint

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