A somber day in California’s judicial branch

Posted on September 14, 2012


Today will be the last day of work for over a thousand court workers from across the state who will all lose their jobs so that a small number of courthouses can be built to replace a large number of courthouses and well over 200 courtrooms across the state being shuttered. As much as I would like to fault the governor and the legislature, the writing was on the wall when the value of real estate collapsed while the Judicial Council and AOC continued to spend unsustainably as if money grew on trees.

Much like a child that irresponsibly burns his allowance on candy instead of something material that they worked hard to achieve, the parents needed to step in and redirect the childs allowance. And they didn’t go far enough. Those in power have said time and again that they are an independent third branch, that they can keep their fiscal house in order, that preserving access to justice, transparency and accountability are all cornerstones of the new Cantil-Sakauye administration. And yet we see time after time that the deeds committed by those who speak these words tell another version of the truth. That they have no intention of preserving access to justice, that transparency does not exist under rule 10.5 and that while no one has ever been held responsible for this significant list of misdeeds and mismanagement, they tout accountability.

Please take a moment to reflect on your fellow workers whose lives will be devastated by those in power and be sure to thank them for their service.