Meanwhile back at the AOC, money grows on trees

Posted on September 11, 2012


I don’t know what is more intellectually offensive – The AOC keeping 111 temps on their books or the October 16th, 4 hour meeting where everyone supervisor and above will be flown into San Francisco. Now if the purpose of this meeting was to issue pink slips, I could understand flying them in to fire them. But it isn’t. It is a 4 hour meet and greet with the new management team, which looks much like the old management team, save a few rearranged titanic deck chairs. What a stellar use of taxpayer funds!

And the band played on.

This week over a thousand court workers all over the state will be performing their last day of work for California’s judicial branch.

For the record, from the onset, we defined and demonstrated that this is a failure of AOC management and judicial branch governance. We went on the record to show and tell you all that was going on at the AOC in an effort to prevent those losses. Thanks to every reader we were all able to put a stop to CCMS by raising every red flag and asking others to take a critical look. We must now do the same for their construction program less we inherit tens of millions of dollars more in unfunded maintenance liability, forcing even more courthouses to close as they become unsafe.

Everything the AOC was and is doing is unsustainable without a multi-billion dollar cash infusion. And pray tell where does that money come from? That’s right, that money came from eliminating your job or closing your courtroom or courthouse and ultimately selling it off because branch courthouses cost more to operate.


But the AOC can (and does) have enough money to keep 111 temps and consultants employed full-time and continue to hire for these types of positions on a company confidential basis. In terms of real estate requirements to house 111 temps, you’re talking about an entire floor at the crystal palace or one of the Gateway Oaks floors they occupy.

They also have enough money to forego the use of their million dollar plus videoconferencing network that interlinks every AOC office and instead is setting up a mandatory supervisors and managers meeting on October 16th, in San Francisco. Fly, drive, carpool do whatever you can to bill the California taxpayer for your chance at meeting the titanic’s new band and new bandleader.

And the band played on.