The leadership crisis has now been exacerbated

Posted on September 5, 2012


He has a ton of dirt on the Judicial Branch players and intimate knowledge of wrongdoing. His credibility is so shot in front of legislators who have been repeatedly lied to by him that many will no longer give him an audience.

What do you do with a lobbyist such as this that represents your organization?

Anywhere else on earth, you would issue him walking papers. Let’s remember though that he works for the AOC and true to form, the biggest fuck-ups get the fastest promotions.

Please welcome Mr. Curtis Child into his new position as the AOC’s Chief Operating Officer.

She remodeled her Sacramento offices three times in four years. Her screaming at employees and bringing her dog spot (better known as Curt Soderlund) along with her when she is hired or promoted anywhere in the judicial branch has consistently resulted in others crying foul. She does not wish to be executive director of the AOC.

But she’s fine with being appointed by Jahrhead the AOC’s new Chief of Staff.

He’s perfectly fine with carrying the label “Her Dog Spot” because as Cal Worthington used to highlight in his commercials, “Dog Spot” could mean anything from a dog, to a chimpanzee to an elephant. The fact that he is consistently on Patel’s promotion leash doesn’t bother him a bit. At least someone is promoting him where no one else would.

Please welcome Curt Soderlund as Jahrhead’s appointment as the AOC’s Chief Administrative Officer.

These appointments confirm and further underscore the lack of qualifications of the new executive director Steven Jahr. They also do well to undermine the trust and confidence of most of the judicial branch and the state legislature in reforming the bloated bureaucracy.

While Mr. Jahr is probably enamored with his appointments, I think what most people will see is a greatly exacerbated leadership crisis within the management ranks of the AOC. Surely, there exists no basis for trust in change with the three stooges taking the helm.

In celebration of Mr. Child’s appointment, we’re told we have a series of emails between legislative aides and Mr. Child with respect to some of the lies he’s been telling them that we will be publishing shortly.



Following the Judicial Council’s approval of the new organizational structure for the Administrative Office of the Courts (AOC) last Friday, I am pleased to share with you that I have appointed Jody Patel, Curt Soderlund, and Curt Child to serve respectively as the AOC’s Chief of Staff, Chief Administrative Officer, and Chief Operating Officer, effective October 1, 2012.

These new leadership positions within the AOC’s Executive Office will strengthen oversight of the agency’s diverse areas of responsibility pertaining to the Judicial Council and the courts, facilitate clearer expectations and greater consistency of practice with regard to operational and programmatic services, and improve overall service to our customers.

As Interim Administrative Director of the Courts and Interim Chief Deputy for the past six months, Jody and Curt Soderlund have worked closely with your directors to make difficult but necessary decisions to ensure that the AOC can continue to fulfill its mission in this challenging fiscal climate. They have partnered with Curt Child in his role as Director of the Office of Governmental Affairs to lead the critical advocacy process for the judicial branch on behalf of the Chief Justice, the Judicial Council, and the courts. All share an exceptional depth and breadth of knowledge on the issues confronting our justice system and our organization. I am grateful that I will have their strong leadership and support as we proceed with implementation and analysis of the recommended organizational changes directed by the Judicial Council while continuing to deliver services to benefit California’s courts and the public.

I also consider myself fortunate to have this opportunity to lead an organization of such dedicated and professional employees. The Judicial Council’s acknowledgement of that dedication and professionalism at last week’s public meeting further underscored the value of your contributions within the branch and beyond.

As a result of my appointments, the position of Director of the Office of Governmental Affairs will stand vacant as of October 1. The process of recruiting a new director is being initiated at this time to ensure that the office is at full strength as soon as possible.

Between now and October 9 when I officially assume my duties as Administrative Director of the Courts, Jody, Curt Soderlund, and Curt Child will begin the process of transition and will work with the directors and senior managers to begin implementation of the new structures and move forward with the additional analysis of recommendations the council has requested.  Please give them your support.

The AOC will continue to experience significant change during the coming months. I understand that you have been working in an environment of uncertainty for some time now, with all of the associated frustrations and anxieties. The Judicial Council has given us a clear path forward, and it is my hope that we can embrace these changes in a positive light and work together to maximize the potential benefits for our organization and those we serve.

Judge Steven Jahrhead
Incoming Administrative Director of the Courts