Pegasus Global Holdings Report is unexpectedly released

Posted on August 24, 2012


…on a Friday afternoon just before quitting time. Typical.

Enclosed is the report for your perusal. We will comment on it more when we read the whole thing. Pegasus-Global-AOC-OCCM-Final-Audit-Report

This is what almost 1/2 million buys. Edited to add: and it was worth it.

Media release by the Alliance of California Judges this afternoon:

The Alliance of California Judges is not surprised by yet another Friday afternoon document dump that excoriates  another expensive mishandled program by the AOC. The report, by Pegasus Global Holdings Inc, cost in excess of $420,000 dollars. It is an indictment of the Office of Court Construction and Management and the failure of the Judicial Council to lead.


The words in the report such as: “lack of transparency”, “lack of oversight”, “lack of ownership”, lack of a “single point of accountability”, no “formal document control system expected of a mega program”,and “confusion and  some disagreement” as to who is accountable for decision making….are all terms we are familiar with as they were used in profusion by the State Auditor regarding CCMS and the Chief Justice’s hand picked Strategic Evaluation Committee’s review of the AOC.


The report indicates that this program may well be in a position to spend over $6 billion public dollars on projects already identified. Given these findings, the Legislature should simply take control of further construction projects from the AOC. At a minimum there must be an audit conducted by the State Auditor. The AOC and Judicial Council have already proven that they can waste over a half billion dollars and have nothing to show for it. We do not believe that the Council or AOC can be trusted with an opportunity to waste 12 times that amount.


 To directly download the report as a pdf document, click on  To visit the Council website to download from there, go to