Justice Miller: In the interests of transparency and accountability, open your meeting

Posted on August 7, 2012


JCW Commentary – On Thursday, August 9th 2012 the Executive & Planning committee of the Judicial Council, the people who make the decisions about the council agenda, what they vote upon and act upon, will meet behind closed doors to consider the SEC comments and the SEC report. It is widely believed that based on public statements and statements made to AOC managers and supervisors, that Mr. Miller intends to use his committee to either gut the report or study it to death,  placing it on a long road to its demise.

It is our position and the position of our various media partners that since about 250 managers and supervisors have a really solid idea of where the bodies of impropriety are buried, the last thing the power brokers want to do is make these people unemployed. They would prefer to pay these people between 125K-205K in hush money jobs.  Since the Executive & Planning committee meetings usually happen behind closed doors, Judge Marianne Gilliard has requested that this meeting be opened so that we can all learn the general direction they intend to go with this report in the interests of transparency and accountability. We agree.

At minimum, this meetings audio should be streamed out to the public with a video broadcast over the Ministry Of Truth web site.


August 7, 2012


Dear Justice Miller,


On behalf of the well over 400 members of the Alliance of California Judges, I respectfully request that you exercise your discretion under CRC 10.10 (d) and permit your Executive and Planning Committee meeting on August 9th to be open to the public. The Alliance makes this request because you have indicated that the issue of the Chief Justice’s SEC report and its recommendations will be discussed at that meeting.

Justice Miller, well over 400 judges responded to your call for public comments. These judges did so knowing full well that they were identifying themselves with reform. We suspect that had you provided a process that would have conferred confidentiality there would have been many more responses. There is obviously great public interest in the decisions to be made on August 9, as well as those to be made by the full Council. As you have seen from the comments, there exists a huge lack of trust that the will of this state’s judges will be respected.


The Alliance has listened carefully to the many pronouncements made by Council members that transparency and accountability are goals for the branch. In fact, the Strategic Evaluation Committee highlighted these issues throughout its report. By way of example, on page six the report states: “The AOC has not been credible or transparent concerning such important matters as budgeting, staffing levels, hiring freezes and furloughs, large-scale projects, and other areas of importance.” Still on page six the SEC notes: “Moreover, the commitment to increased transparency, accountability, and efficiency — and the tone and attitude of the organization — ultimately rests with the Judicial Council.”  We agree.


Justice Miller, in the interests of transparency and accountability please open up your meeting to the judges of this state, and to the public.  No good reason exists to discuss in private what has been publicly posted. The days of closed door meetings must be the exception and not the rule if we are to restore the credibility of the Judicial Council.


Please know that the Alliance will distribute this request and your response to our members and other interested individuals.


Thank you for your consideration.


Sacramento County Superior Court Judge Maryanne Gilliard

Director, Alliance of California Judges


Behold! The members of the Executive and planning committee

Hon. Douglas P. Miller, Chair    (long time insider crony, wants no change in the overall structure of the AOC and has stated as much)(Huffman’s clone) 
Associate Justice of the Court of Appeal
Fourth Appellate District, Division Two
3389 Twelfth Street
Riverside, CA 92501
(951) 782-2667
Fax (951) 248-0346

Hon. Kenneth K. So, Vice-Chair  (also a long time insider crony whose most notable accomplishment is what he doesn’t say)
Judge of the Superior Court of California,
County of San Diego
220 West Broadway
San Diego, CA 92101
(619) 450-5055
Fax (619) 450-5716

Hon. Stephen H. Baker  (also a long time insider crony, known for going along to get along and has had Jack Halpin assigned to his court for 19 years)(tainted voice)
Judge of the Superior Court of California,
County of Shasta
1500 Court Street
Redding, CA 96001-1685
(530) 245-6761
Fax (530) 225-5339

Ms. Edith R. Matthai (this attorney works for an insider crony and has been a reliable producer of inaction
Attorney at Law
Robie & Matthai
500 South Grand Avenue, #1500
Los Angeles, CA 90071-2609
(213) 706-8000
Fax (213) 706-9913

Hon. David Rosenberg (A judicial council brown-nosing rising star that has carefully tried to play both sides of the fence. Due to his direct involvement in unlawful activity, he is a malleable tool and a reliable producer pushed forth as a periodic spokesperson for the death star) (tainted voice) 
Presiding Judge of the
Superior Court of California,
County of Yolo
725 Court Street, Dept. 4
Woodland, CA 95695
(530) 406-6741
Fax (530) 406-6962

Hon. David S. Wesley ( the only clean one of the bunch
Assistant Presiding Judge of the
Superior Court of California,
County of Los Angeles
111 North Hill Street, Room 204
Los Angeles, CA 90012
(213) 974-5550
Fax (213) 680-1263

Mr. David H. Yamasaki (the highest paid court executive officer in California is a reliable producer for the cronies, thereby earning his 332K per year
Court Executive Officer
Superior Court of California,
County of Santa Clara
191 North First Street
San Jose, CA 95113
(408) 882-2714
Fax (408) 882-2296

Ms. Jody Patel (canon fodder: A hysterical, irrational tyrant respected by few, loathed by many brings her pet spot with her on every promotion she gets)
Interim Administrative Director of the Courts
Administrative Office of the Courts
455 Golden Gate Avenue
San Francisco, CA 94102-3688
(415) 865-4235