Win the Judicial Council vote history contest – $100.00 + a Black Angus dinner for two

Posted on July 31, 2012


It’s time to hear some blues from those boys from Texas because this contest is going to leave you singing the blues.


Admittedly, we didn’t come up with the idea. The company sponsoring the contest didn’t come up with the idea either. We took someones idea, bounced it off the management of Yen Interactive Media and they agreed to sponsor the contest and fund the prize, a Black Angus gift certificate with a face value of up to $100.00. Plus 100.00 cash! For those whom are concerned about appearances, there is an option to donate an equivalent amount to your favorite judges association or alliance in leiu of accepting the Black Angus gift certificate – or the charity of your choice.

This contest will also serve to highlight the seriousness of a lack of effective governance in the Judicial Council itself and more importantly, why the Judicial Council needs to be democratized.

There are 21 voting members of the Judicial Council.  To win the prize, you must identify two things:

1. Be the first person to clearly identify any judicial council vote where there were more than two dissenters by posting in the thread below.

To contrast this result……

2. You must also identify how many times the 7 member California Supreme court had more than two dissenting votes in the last 12 months. 

Good Luck!