AOC Called Out on Telecommuting Lawyer by one group and the Assigned Judges Program by another

Posted on July 20, 2012


July 20, 2012
Dear Members and Others,

On Wednesday the Sacramento NBC affiliate, KCRA, ran a segment on the embarrassing revelation that the AOC has apparently allowed an employee to telecommute from Geneva, Switzerland in violation of its own policies. In fact, the story points out that this lawyer will be permitted to telecommute until April 2013.

Although the AOC refused the request to answer questions on air, they did refer the reporter to a recent YouTube posting wherein the Chief Justice discusses the SEC report. The story includes footage of the Chief Justice’s remarks.

You can view the KCRA segment by clicking on this link. Please note that it may take some time to load depending on your computer. The segment lasts approximately three and a half minutes.

Directors, Alliance of California Judges



Official seal of County of Shasta

Official seal of County of Shasta

Jumpin’ Jack Halpin is at it again, courtesy of those fine public servants at the AOC.

Here’s the problem: The same year this writer was born in 1964 , Judge Jack Halpin retired from the Shasta County bench after have only served two years. Thirty years away from the bench later he joins the AOC assigned Judges Program. Apparently, he was needed to staff this position only because because he went to school with Sandra Day O’Connor. This program is designed to fill the gaps temporarily where judicial officers are needed for short periods of time. This program was not designed to re-appoint the same individual to the same court in perpetuity for NINETEEN YEARS.

Well. Wait a second!  Didn’t the Shasta Courts, with some media assistance from the AOC Ministry of Truth announce Teflon Jack’s second retirement from the Shasta County Bench after only 19 years of in-perpetuity assignments when every other judge in this state would have been subjected to three retention elections? As I recall, they did!

The article clearly states that Judge Greg Gaul will be taking up the family law calendar and assigning cases to assigned judges on a rotating basis.

And WHO is the “rotating assigned judge” that is getting these family law cases in exchange for a scratch our back and we’ll scratch yours new courthouse?

That’s right, soon going on his TWENTIETH YEAR of in-perpetuity assignment under the AOC assigned judges program is “Jumpin’ Jack Halpin” as the only assigned judge being rotated into Shasta Court. 

And they wonder why the public and the judiciary has lost confidence in the AOC and their programs.