AOC Reorganizing Without Judicial Council Approval?

Posted on July 18, 2012


Letter to Chief Justice  <<<—Link to letter

July 18, 2012
Dear Members and Others,
As you know, at last month’s two-day Judicial Council meeting, SEC Chairman, Judge Charles Wachob, presented the findings of his committee’s 55 weeks of intensive review of the AOC.
Like you, we had hoped that the council would embrace and adopt the committee’s recommendations. Instead, the SEC report was offloaded to the Executive and Planning Committee for a “rolling public comment period” which ends this Sunday.
More disappointing was the failure of the council to take even a symbolic action of placing itself at the head of the organizational chart—-the SEC found that not a single internal AOC organizational chart placed the council on top. We thank council member Judge David Wesley for making that motion, which failed for lack of interest.
On the second day of the council meeting, second interim Executive Director Jody Patel made her presentation. Thankfully, there were Alliance directors available to monitor those remarks. Stunningly, Ms. Patel commenced to walk the council through her reorganization of the AOC. Not a single council member raised any concern about her actions — seemingly taken without direction or approval of the council.
Because of this, the Alliance sent a letter to the Chair of the Council raising a number of issues, namely: how it was that AOC staff were empowered to reorganize, in light of the SEC findings that the organization lacks transparency, accountability and meaningful oversight? We attach the letter–still not responded to–for your information.
Finally, the deadline for submitting your public comment regarding the SEC report is fast approaching. Click on this link to weigh in. All judges need to speak clearly in support of the recommendations of the SEC, or the AOC–without meaningful oversight by the Council–will fashion its own version of “reform.”
Directors, Alliance of California Judges