Overcoming “Foxhole Syndrome”

Posted on July 17, 2012


As we continue to read and be fascinated by the Judicial Council’s public comment regarding the Strategic Evaluation Committee report, we’re coming to the belief that we are witnessing a classic case of “foxhole syndrome” and as we make the case, we’re sure you’ll agree.

The term foxhole syndrome was developed in world war one. People suffering from foxhole syndrome held the belief that if they stayed in their foxholes and kept their heads down, they were completely safe and they wouldn’t be the ones that got themselves killed. Unfortunately a variety of poison gas chemicals and artillery of varying types and primitive aerial bombardment  came down on the foxholes.

The perception of being safe in your foxhole did not change reality in world war one. Over 37 million people died.

By world war two, the Germans had learned from the mistakes of world war one and came to the realization that the only way to win a war is to strike at your opponent hard and fast, with everything you have and from every possible direction before they had an opportunity to dig in.

While the French would rely on the entrenched Maginot line to defend them, the Germans would go around the Maginot line and conquer all of France and Belgium before turning their artillery, flamethrowers and satchel charges on the Maginot line.  It was called Blitzkrieg or “the lightning war”  and it is the same philosophical strategy employed by our own U.S. military today.

Our reader demographics for an online medium are highly unusual. Most every reader is a college graduate and over 40. You’re very smart people so you can see where we’re going with this.

Court employees, judges, attorneys and members of the public aren’t too inclined to get out of their foxhole in this particular fight. Attorneys stay out because the next judge they appear before may hold a contrary view. Employees of the courts and the AOC stay out because they value their jobs and commentary either way is going to piss someone off and possibly end up getting themselves fired. The public won’t weigh in mostly because there is more important things in their lives. We unambiguously state that we hide behind an alias because we don’t want our next speeding ticket to become a capitol offense because we halfheartedly believe the corrupt people that run this system have that much juice.

Michael Roosevelt.

With the best of intentions, this brave AOC employee submitted a comment about a righteous observation.  While it may seem like we shot his head off in some respects, we’re proud of Mr. Roosevelt. We’re gathering he had no knowledge of what the ministry of truth he works for was up to and in classic AOC style he probably wasn’t informed about the AOC plan to enlist mercenaries defend their turf for them.

The only way blitzkrieg works is if you hit the opponent from every conceivable direction, with most of what you have in a concerted effort all at once. So as we continue to monitor these comments coming in, we want you to keep in mind – especially if you are a judge or a justice – that you have an incredibly unique opportunity to literally re-write history books right here and right now by submitting your comment in response to the SEC report.

If you are an employee represented by a local union, you should encourage your local union to get out of the foxhole as well and represent all of you with real numbers – and sign your own letter to the Judicial Council.

As for AOC employees – our advice would be to keep your head down or find a way to anonymously comment on the SEC report. Little has changed. You are mismanaged by a taxpayer funded RICO.

Just as foxhole syndrome did not change reality for 37 million people in world war one, perception does not change reality for the nearly 20,000  judges, court or AOC employees that don’t submit a comment to the SEC report.

Mail your comment to invitations@jud.ca.gov

A tactical note:

The Judicial Council and AOC management have been trying enlist mercenaries to fight their battle for them and try to encourage their own blitzkrieg against the SEC report and so far, they’re not having much luck. On our side of this fight we have every conceivable weapon ever devised. Some of us can fight with limited rules of engagement. Our opponent is severely restricted and must play by certain rules.