AOC nixes daily e-news service

Posted on July 13, 2012


July 12, 2012

Dear Members and Others,

Earlier today, second interim executive director Jody Patel notified E-News subscribers that the AOC would be “temporarily suspending” its daily news clipping service because of “ongoing staff cutbacks at the AOC.” We include her email for your information.

We question the wisdom of this policy and whether Ms. Patel made this decision on her own or at the direction of the Judicial Council. This is the exact type of policy decision that judges should be making, not staff. If the Council approved this “suspension” it would be valuable to know what other options for cost savings were considered. Perhaps suspending the AOC faux news network would have been a better course of action.

In the past, the Alliance has been critical of what is, and more importantly is not, included in the daily E-News. We have questioned Phillip Carrizosa, who appears to be the AOC staff person in charge of content, regarding the ban on including articles from the Courthouse News. We have also pointed out on a number of occasions what appeared to be content discriminatory censorship of opinion pieces. But even some news is better than no news.

If in fact the decision to implement a total news blackout was made by AOC staff, this again serves to underscore the need to immediately adopt all recommendations of the SEC. Unless and until the Council is willing to assume ownership and control of a bureaucracy seemingly free to act on its own, decisions like this one will continue to be made.

In that vein, we again remind you to submit your comments in support of prompt implementation of the SEC report by clicking on this link: The deadline for comments is fast approaching.

Finally, there appears to be a campaign afoot to delay implementation of the SEC recommendations by claiming that nothing should be done until a new executive director is selected. This is the same misguided thinking that has placed us in our current position. Judges, not bureaucrats, need to be in charge. You may want to raise this issue when submitting your comments regarding the SEC report.

Directors, Alliance of California Judges


Dear E-News Subscribers:

I regret to inform you that we are temporarily suspending E-News–our daily e-clipping service of news and commentary on the state and federal court systems–because of ongoing staff cutbacks at the Administrative Office of the Courts. We are working on ways to streamline service with our available resources and we hope to restart it in the near future, perhaps in a different format. Thank you for your patience.

Jody Patel
Interim Administrative Director of the Courts
Judicial Council of California – Administrative Office of the Courts
455 Golden Gate Avenue
San Francisco, California 94102
916-263-1333, FAX 916-263-1966,

“Serving the courts for the benefit of all Californians”


Added by Shadow Mountain :

The AOC has used a part-timer to search the internet and various publications in the AOC Law Library* and produce a pile of news clippings, internet articles, blog posts and blog comments to submit to AOC management, who then decides what is released over e-news.

There is a nefarious purpose behind this activity and that is to provide a convenient roundup of news articles so that you don’t need to be reading other publications on your own and drawing your own conclusions. Packaged up and delivered, the ‘source’ is convenient, one stop – and delivered free of charge. Of course, it is also a selection of news that the AOC wishes you to see as opposed to those articles they prefer you don’t read – like those from AOC or Judicial Council Watcher or any articles critical of the Judicial Council or the AOC. 

Imagine for a moment that Glenn Beck was your only news source. Or better yet, imagine trying to have a meaningful, productive conversation with someone who only relies on Glenn Beck as their news source and then you’ll get an idea of how the AOC relies on e-news and CCN operations to shape opinion and promote their talking points.

Looking at the news clippings lately a majority of the news is not moving in their favor and they’ve been called on it. Rather than have to circulate these articles, they would prefer to suspend this service altogether rather than suspend the CCN (California Courts News) operation (commonly referred to in some circles as the faux news channel)

Patel isn’t cutting the service due to budgetary constraints. If she were serious, she would have already dismantled the CCN apparatus. However, it is the CCN apparatus that creates their own news where none exists that they have control over.

*there is a useless function that can be eliminated. With a massive law library taking up most of the 4th floor, the AOC does not need to be maintaining its own tiny “law library” on the 5th floor behind the executive offices that consists of media publications.