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Posted on July 10, 2012


July 10, 2012
Dear Members and Others,

Last night KGTV Channel 10, the San Diego ABC affiliate, ran a story on the telecommuting practices of the AOC. Click on this link to watch the segment.

As you know, at least one AOC attorney has been permitted to telecommute from Switzerland for the last two years. Our colleagues on the Strategic Evaluation Committee rightly pointed out how this and other instances of off site employment arrangements have been allowed to occur due to insufficient oversight by the Judicial Council and a bureaucracy run amok.

Equally troubling in the news segment is the claim by AOC staff that “due to the budget” no one was available for an on air comment. While many local courts have laid off valuable front line employees, we note that the AOC “news studio” continues to churn out videos and other mass communications on a regular basis. It makes one wonder how the budget has affected the “communications” division. The failure by the AOC to appropriately respond to a legitimate press inquiry underscores the SEC finding that our branch lacks credibility and measures must be taken to restore it.

In that regard, we again remind you to submit your comments with respect to the SEC report and recommendations. We realize that many judges are suffering from survey fatigue, but all of us owe a debt of gratitude to our colleagues who courageously issued the SEC report. Please take a few minutes out of your busy schedule to participate in this public comment process and send your comment to

Directors, Alliance of California Judges



As an aside: JCW is a fierce defender of telecommuting for information technology employees as it encourages them to be more attentive to after hours business needs  when most of the heavy lifting is done. Attorneys on the other hand need to be showing up in the office – and in court. In California.