You’ll note that we’re now California’s 6.5 billion dollar reality check…

Posted on July 1, 2012


Thanks to the ACJ, SEIU, AFSCME and a few guerrilla media companies that all – acting independently – combined with citizens just like you that were concerned enough about the zombieware that just won’t die and contacted their legislators who acted decisively, legislators  drove a wooden stake through the heart of CCMS and shot it with silver bullets and decapitated it for good measure.



We trust that you will all be vigilant enough to not permit further expenditures on this boondoggle in any form, most especially those forms that suggest it is technology adopted from the same incompetent vendor that owns ccms technology so that no one gets stuck paying licensing fees.

(This assumes the council and the OGC have heard of the term “intellectual property”. We grant that this might be a stretch.. )

AOC Watcher (RIP-2012) shut down shop when they believed CCMS dead. We just didn’t see it until the legislature killed it and this is why we’ve maintained ourselves as “California’s 10 billion dollar reality check”

Thanks to the state legislators, Governor Jerry Brown and all of our readers, we’re proud to now be known as “California’s 6.5 billion dollar reality check” and as most of you know this is directed at the AOC’s lawless court construction programs that need to be transferred to DGS or the Department of General Services – who was building courthouses before the AOC came along.