The AOC responds to the SEC Report

Posted on June 5, 2012


Of course we haven’t poured over the AOC’s response line item by line item but you know we will. You can also rest assured the mismanagement of the AOC will do everything they can to preserve their kingdom.

Behold, the raw AOC response to the SEC report. Notice how The Ministry of Truth released their version on a Tuesday afternoon.


From: Patel, Jody
Sent: Tuesday, June 05, 2012
To: AOC Users-All
Subject: Comparative Overview of SEC and AOC Reorganization Recommendations





At the Chief Justice’s request, we prepared the attached status update and news release on changes to the AOC that have been adopted or are under way that address concerns or recommendations contained in the Strategic Evaluation Committee’s (SEC) report. The document has been shared with the Judicial Council and will be released publically today.


A large number of the SEC recommendations have already been implemented or are under consideration by the AOC¾in whole or to a greater or lesser extent¾as part of our own internal organizational restructuring efforts. This is an initial overview. It is not intended to address other issues raised in the report. We will have the opportunity to share further information and context with the Chief Justice and the council as they consider all of the recommendations.


In addition to the attached document, the Chief asked that I share with you the below message from Judge Steven V. Manley of the Superior Court of Santa Clara County. Judge Manley’s message of support for the AOC represents the voices of many others throughout the judicial branch and beyond.



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