A Los Angeles Assemblyman agrees with downsizing the AOC

Posted on June 2, 2012


In a recent recorder article by Cheryl Miller, Assemblymember Mike Feuer (d)(Los Angeles) told an assembly budget subcommittee that the AOC should be whittled down to 770 employees. He also suggested the diversion of 20 million from the assigned judges program to preserve core court operations as it doesn’t make a whole lot of sense for hundreds of judges to sit in staffless courtrooms while assigned judges sit in staffed courtrooms. In our nationwide look on how the judiciary was coping with budget cuts across the country, approximately half had eliminated their assigned judges programs. Let’s not forget, Mike is running for Los Angeles City Attorney and his wife is already an L.A. judge. After years of blindly supporting Judicial Council mismanagement of the AOC he’s now being critical of them? Not really, he’s just safely suggesting what’s already in the SEC report. With the SEC report landing on legislators desks in the midst of budget negotiations strong justification is developing to target the AOCs budget as it makes no sense to build new courthouses if there will be no employees to occupy them.

We’re seeing what appears to be an aggressive campaign by the Alliance of California Judges and other judges and with any luck they – and others like Judge Feinstein – are raining down some common sense in places where it matters. We all know we’re still looking at the proverbial elephant in the room that no one wishes to discuss of public corruption within the management ranks of the AOC and/or the few members that have ostensibly controlled this branch for the last 15 or so years because a whole lot of what we know just doesn’t add up and the Ministry of Truth wants to keep things that way with simulated litigation and bogus fact check pages. And yet, the best way to flush out an explanation  (or corruption) is to grab the AOC by the … budget…. and squeeze until there is nothing left, starting with OGC, the director and then the management ranks. We also read that Jody Patel anticipates that the AOC will be 180 employees smaller at the end of June and the Chief Justice indicates that the AOC will be 250 employees smaller. Numbers like that should be including at least 30 that are of the management ranks. It’s also anticipated that the AOC will conduct a cowardly layoff of escorting employees out of the building as if they were being fired.

What’s the truth?

With the current management ratio of the AOC, downsizing the AOC must include eliminating many, many management positions as the organization was already top heavy. Reducing line staff by the head counts proposed would only result in 1 manager for every 1.5 employees.

About the Judicial Council never landing at the top of an AOC org chart-

Take a look at past litigation. Numerous times, the AOC has gotten the judicial council dismissed from lawsuits while the AOC remains. They’ve been able to successfully do this by demonstrating that the Judicial Council doesn’t sit at the top of any AOC org chart. Attorneys filing suit against the AOC now no longer include the Judicial Council in their litigation and now the SEC points out the obvious, the Judicial Council does not sit at the top of any AOC org chart. According to AOC employees that went through NEO (New Employee Orientation), AOC employees ‘worked for Ronald, not for Arnold’ and only Ronald existed above Vickrey on the org chart. Over time even Ronald disappeared.

Think about the progress we’ve made in the past year or so. Let that serve as the moving force to continue the good fight against corruption and kangaroo governance.