Now what? Mass resignations of managers? Don’t hold your breath.

Posted on May 29, 2012


Good Morning California,

We’re imagining that not unlike like JCW, many other media company employees’ 3 day weekends were well underway with them on the roads or in the skies when the cowards in the ministry of truth released the SEC report in shame, to showcase their version of transparency and accountability after 7:30PM last Friday.

There was an attached note that said the Chief Justice had not read the reports recommendations.


Do JCW readers believe that the CJ did not read the very report she commissioned? Is that the reason that the report was released after 7:30 on a Friday night right before a long holiday weekend because she had not read the report? And what is the logic of bringing the two chairs on as Judicial Council members? Is that going to make them more objective with respect to holding the AOC’s feet to the fire or more complacent when change does not come around like they expected they might? Are we to hear more about that judicial virtue of patience while little is accomplished and no changes are made?

There’s an office bet going on. That bet is that come January 1,2013 there still will be AOC division directors. So far, there’s no takers.

While we would like to believe that the entire AOC management team would do their duty and fall on their swords this week and go find gainful employment elsewhere, that’s probably not going to happen. There is quite a bit of discussion of how this report will be received by existing judicial council members, AOC apologists, the insider toady community that has run this branch for the past 15 or so years and the AOC directors whose lofty titles are proposed to be eliminated. Most people here in the office believe that this community will band together for self-preservation to kill this report and its conclusions and that this task is already well underway by hiring the chairs and by releasing the report in the dead of night on a holiday weekend.

Then again, the report itself calls out many of the AOC’s problems, yet makes no recommendations on how to address many of them. Was this because a majority of the SEC committee could not agree upon a recommendation so a recommendation was omitted? Should we judicial process loyalists review the issues identified by the SEC where no recommendation was made and make them? You’re all very bright people out there. Assuming we have to live with an AOC because of statutory requirements, let’s fill in the gaps of recommendations made by the SEC in our last post or discuss them here.

As far as AB1208 goes, we think a cover letter and this SEC report sent to every state Senator and the Governor will serve to pass this bill without further delay as this report reaffirms much of what AB1208 supporters have been saying from the onset.  We don’t believe that the judicial council as currently composed is capable of overseeing the AOC and this is why democratic reforms to the councils makeup are essential.