Judicial Council Watcher supports San Francisco Superior Court workers

Posted on May 24, 2012


Today 95% of San Francisco Superior Court SEIU staff voted to authorize a strike to give union negotiators more leverage in negotiations. While SFSC workers were being laid off, AOC workers were getting raises and we were just beginning to hear the lavish pension packages of the AOC’s elite thirty.

And just before that we learned that all of you were asked to give up pay via furloughs and judges were being asked to give back some of their salary just so AOC managers could get whopping double digit pay increases. After all, looking the other way while crime happens under your nose is lucrative – and damn good work if you can get it.

Judicial Council Watcher supports the rank and file workers of San Francisco Superior Court.

Court management and the AOC: Before you ask these workers to give anything up, lead by example. Pay 8% of your wages towards your pensions and cut your own pay and benefits package as much as you’re proposing to cut theirs.