You’re suggesting that the budgeting authority should go to the self-dealers?

Posted on May 22, 2012


The fundamental problem is that there is this misguided belief that the judicial council and the AOC are honest, ethical and beyond reproach. There is this misguided belief that people who meet only about six times a year can manage a multi-billion dollar budget or oversee an office like the AOC that is spending most of that multi-bilion dollar budget.

One only needs to look at the pages here and the history of previous votes to see that the judicial council and the AOC are partners engaged in unprecedented self-dealing and that keeping trial court doors open isn’t even on their radar nor does it hold any importance. The Judicial Council as presently formed consists of a large majority of yes men and women and insiders who have something to gain or lose by pulling the party line and speaking with one voice. God forbid that we have any democratic dissension as representative government gets messy and sends out confusing messages. Instead, the Judicial Branch is governed by appointees that are all appointed based on their ability to go along and get along.

Think about what just happened with the AOC vs. Jacobs trial. Now we’re discussing the possibility of someone investigating and looking into if we should be getting money back from Deloitte? Will that be the council looking into this? The AOC? The obvious problem with having the AOC investigate itself and go after their own vendors is the possibility that they are colluding with those vendors. After all, there are no laws concerning construction contracting practices and CCMS could not continue with the level of scrutiny being imposed upon it by the state legislature.

What we really need is a top-to-bottom AOC and vendor audits of the construction & maintenance programs and CCMS by an independent authority with no ties to the Judicial Council or the AOC.

Knowing all that has happened in the past couple of years under the reign of King George and now under the reign of Empress Mini-mimi and the unprecedented self-dealing of the council and the AOC, why would anyone wish to give these criminals more budgeting authority over the trial courts?  It is with these proposals coming from Sacramento that we believe that some people in Sacramento haven’t been paying attention to what’s been going on for the past couple of years regarding this self-dealing with no efforts made, for example, to address historical under-funding. While Rome has been burning, Nero has been fiddling.


Justice California just brought something up regarding the NACM annual conference. Let’s think about this for a second. The U.S. General Services Administration Pacific Rim Region 9 just got reamed for throwing a lavish party  conference in Las Vegas with lots of attendees. Similarly, the National Association of Court Management believes the most effective and informative ways to convey their message are week long junkets to hot resort destinations paid for completely by you and me the taxpayer. Last year it was in all court business Las Vegas and this year, it will be located in that model of efficient court administration and management, Orlando Florida.