Shock & Awe

Posted on May 15, 2012


It’s just another day in paradise..

So why didn’t we post anything yesterday? Shock & awe probably describes it best. We were in shock that the guv’s May revision went so far. We were in awe that the co-equal branch of government was utilized as justification for these deep cuts to the judicial branch. Of course, this is just the Guv’s proposal and the budget happens in the legislature, though last years veto showed how serious Brown really is about holding the line.  As we were reading the tea leaves and feeling the heat of the political winds last week regarding the judicial branch budget we knew that something catastrophic this way comes.

Part of the issue that we have is that this proposed package is being presented to the judicial council as cuts and expenditures that they can and should manage, yet like any other sealion waiting to be fed their next mackerel, 21 people will be flown in to Sacramento to bark praise of their stellar (mis)management and the living legacy accomplishments of “Team George” while delegating the real responsibility to the AOC to divvy up the cuts and present them on a silver platter as options A,B, and C that our merry barking sealions can choose from.  Not unlike the muppets they are, they will make the choice that they were told to make while speaking of sending messages to Sacramento about being co-equal or a threat to independence or any of the other hogwash spewed by Team George.

We’re going to expand on this post later and have a few other posts to put up as well – so stay tuned.