More reasons to fund the trial courts directly and not the AOC

Posted on May 14, 2012


Mr. Dydzak has filed his amended complaint in Orange County Court. Link: Dydzak v. Dunn OCSC Amended Complaint 5.2.12

This amended, verified complaint names those people who Mr. Dydzak believes to be responsible for and engaged in racketeering under 18USC1962 as well as a raft of other allegations. We would imagine that many people can provide material support to underscore many of the allegations made therein. If you can add anything to the complaint, feel free to contact Mr. Dydzak.

Today we’re also going to hear how the Guv will manage a deficit whose projections have climbed appreciably. Based on commentary from that same guv, we’re interpreting that Mr. Brown has nothing but love for Mr. Kelso – the one on the AOC’s payroll.  With the larger budgetary hole comes larger risks to the judicial branch. But these risks aren’t even slowing the Judicial Council or the AOC down in their quest to construct several half  billion dollar palaces of  justice.