Christine Patton Retires & Tomorrow is law day up at the legislature.

Posted on May 7, 2012


Dear Administrative Presiding Justices, Presiding Judges, Clerk/Administrators, and Executive Officers:

After 26 years of public service with the judicial branch – 10 with the Administrative Office of the Courts (AOC) AOC Regional Administrative Director Chris Patton will be retiring at the end of June. Chris has been a great partner to me in our roles as regional administrative directors, and in my current role. She has been a terrific advocate and resource for the trial and appellate courts, first in the Bay Area/Northern Coastal Region, and now statewide.

As the court executive officer (CEO) of the Superior Court of Santa Cruz County for 14 years, Chris shared her judicial administration experience and represented the CEO perspective on many Judicial Council committees and task forces, including the Trial Court Budget Commission, Trial Court Employees Task Force, Court Executives Advisory Committee, Subordinate Judicial Officer Working Group, and Faculty and Planning Committee of the Center for Judicial Education and Research. Chris also was appointed to serve as an advisory member to the Judicial Council. In 2000, the council recognized her outstanding contributions by presenting her with its Distinguished Service Award in Judicial Administration.

At the AOC, in addition to her regional administrative director responsibilities, Chris has helped lead the important work of the Reporting of the Record Task Force, Probate Conservatorship Task Force, Commission for Impartial Courts, and Community Corrections Program, in addition to stepping up to serve as Interim Chief Deputy Director for several months. With the Executive Office leadership transitions, Curt and I have been fortunate to have Chris continue to work with us on organizational restructuring efforts, in addition to her role as Regional Administrative Director.

Chris is a valued colleague and a great judicial administrator who has dedicated herself to the mission of the Judicial Council and the judiciary. I know that you join me in thanking her for her years of public service and wishing her the best for her upcoming retirement.


Jody Patel
Interim Administrative Director of the Courts


Buh-bye Christine Patton.

Another one driven out by the ‘Patel Powerplay’.

Just one more brick in the wall.


Say, did you happen to notice that when no self-respecting judge in San Francisco Superior Court would take the Jacobs case, the AOC assigned their own judge to their own case?


Tomorrow – Tuesday is Law Day up in Sacramento

While JCW will have our own operatives pressing the flesh and sending powerful messages to Sacramento, it’s good to hear from more than one source that the construction program and CCMS must die so that our courts can live.