Petition to Disband the AOC

Posted on April 30, 2012


A note in our email directed us to this petition.  This petition can be found at:

“The Administrative Office of the Courts is a bureaucracy that was assembled to administer the California courts. But what the AOC has done is to siphon the budgetary moneys from the courts into its own pet projects even during extremely difficult budget times in California, including a nearly $1.5 billion computer system that never worked and has now been discontinued. The AOC began with a very limited staff and now employs nearly 400 people making over $100,000 each. Even with its motto “Access to Justice,” its existence and constant siphoning of court budgetary dollars has continually diminished access to justice for Californians by causing mass layoffs of court staff and also closing the courts in some counties for up to three weekdays a month. It’s an administrative office that administrates administrators and has no practical use in the court system. Closing the AOC would be a huge step towards helping settle the budgetary crisis in California and aiding the ailing courts by shifting money back into the courts and away from the AOC bureaucracy.”