Judicial Council Muppet Show April 24, 2012

Posted on April 24, 2012


Welcome to today’s Judicial Council Muppet show. This is a pre-recorded post timed to post. We wanted to review what we have on tap in today’s demonstration of governance via the AOC nose ring because no matter what presiding judges may have agreed to yesterday, without fundamental changes in governance and oversight we have laid the foundation to a superhighway to judicial branch corruption. We’ve built on this foundation by submitting to management oversight by an organization that has several thousand pieces of skin in the game and actively promoting centralization through their emissaries – including the chief justice.

Thanks to Justice California showing us the way, today’s meeting agenda can be found here. Submitted for your consideration are the written comments submitted by others that usually make for a good read and they can be found here.

Also on tap: San Francisco Superior Court has been the location of some questionable litigation involving the AOC as of late.  Currently moving through San Francisco courts is the AOC vs. Jacobs matter. We’ll add more to this post later.

JCW just obtained a media advisory that the Aliance of California Judges will be calling for an outside investigation into the Judicial Branch’s construction and maintenance practices. (possibly at 12:35PM )

The timing is interesting: – right before an agenda item that will give Lee Willoughby even more control and issuing even more sweetheart deals by closing ranks and dealing only with preferred vendors that can keep their mouths shut. With the cost spiking of all projects with little previous objection, it’s effortless to show you cut 10%. Let’s see them commit to less than $500.00 per square foot for all costs.