Rally to support court funding – not AOC waste

Posted on April 17, 2012


We’re not sure how many people or organizations will be involved in tomorrows sfbar rally on the steps of San Francisco City Hall but the drumbeats of a rally to support court funding and reject AOC waste tomorrow seems to be a message that is resonating with many. A few reports of organizing and sign making are coming in to us here at JCW – and even a .pdf sign titled YES on court basics, NO on AOC waste for you to download and make your own sign.

We think it is a foregone conclusion with respect to court funding in general.

We also recognize an opportunity to educate those that have been hearing just one side of the message. The other side of the message is about judicial branch priorities; to ensure that funds meant for the dispensation of justice are used for that purpose alone. We want to end the perfect storm of giving the AOC billions while they waste it, remain above the law and accountable to no one.

We want there to be enough court employees to manage court cases expeditiously and we want a true and accurate copy of the record.

These things are not too much to ask of your government, of your employer and of the people.

A $1,700+ per sq foot courthouse and a software program that costs more than a million dollars per judge are far too much to ask of your government and of the people. 


Question to our readers: If we endorsed an individuals appointment as a judicial council member would that be tantamount to a kiss of death or an endorsement?