April 18th Rally – What’s your message?

Posted on April 11, 2012


The Bar Association of San Francisco, the defenders of truth justice and the Team George way are holding a rally in the steps of City Hall in San Francisco on the 18th of April.

When so many judicial branch movers and shakers, attorneys and court leaders present for a rally in the same public spot. it would be an ideal place to educate them about the real issues facing the branch – like an AOC that fleeces the public and the trial courts with  expensive boondoggles. An AOC that enters into secret half-billion dollar contracts with vendors. An AOC that can only change a light bulb if it costs over 200 bucks.

Unfortunately when the Judicial Council and the AOC coordinate a rally of this magnitude to support judicial branch funding, they’re not advocating funding for the courtroom but a more loosely contrived judicial branch funding. And we all know the first stop for judicial branch funding is the boondoggles funded at the AOC over the needs of any court.

So how do we use this rally to our advantage to educate the movers and shakers about the need for direct court funding? How do we use this rally to our advantage to educate the movers and shakers about the boondoggles that cripple judicial branch funding?

Interesting litigation.

Periodically we here at JCW see or are contacted about legal cases of interest. Generally we discourage others posting their case or the events surrounding their case as our task here at JCW isn’t to strike out at a judicial system as a whole. If we wished to highlight the injustices of every case or take on judges for their role from the bench we could be the endless nag site offering no solutions. We believe our focus should remain on the things we think we can change – though to accomplish that we’re compelled to widen our understanding of things.

Recently our friends at the Leslie Brodie Report apparently got a little too close to the truth and were visited by jack booted thugs out to seize computers and computer files. Much of what Leslie Brodie has been covering as of late is a series of stories involving many of the same players and some allegations of outright theft and money laundering of state bar and AOC funds.

Anyways, a lawsuit was filed by a now disbarred attorney who was alleged to have been disbarred in relation to a suit against a bank. Many of the principals and directors of that bank have close ties to Chief Justice George, including the chief justice’s son Eric George. When this suit was relayed to us, we were informed that there might be a follow-up amended complaint possibly by other parties.

Submitted for your consideration :

3.28.12 Dydzak v. Dunn Complaint

3.28 12 Exhibits to Dydzak v. Dunn Complaint