Saving the California Dream – One redacted page at a time

Posted on April 5, 2012


There are lots of reasons to pull the plug on CCMS. One of the most compelling reasons to pull the plug is Tani’s version of transparency and accountability. Not unlike Tani’s truth, there are only versions of transparency and accountability.

For some time now our more conservative opponents in this fight for truth, justice and the American way have decried us in the liberal media and our alleged misrepresentation of the facts. So you can imagine how much we enjoy it when our more conservative brethren in the media take a shot at some of the same stories we’ve been covering and hone in on a nuance that not all the fact check pages in the world can explain. 

The story you are about to hear would not be told anywhere else in state government because there are laws requiring the disclosure of such information. In the AOC, they’re merely rules of court and there’s no penalty for violating them.