The AOC still doesn’t get it…

Posted on April 3, 2012


April 3, 2012

Dear Members and Others:

Less than a week after the Judicial Council ostensibly pulled the plug on CCMS, the AOC is still defending the project.  While offering no figures of her own, AOC spokesperson Leanne Kozak argued that project figures obtained by the California State Auditor during an exhaustive 5 month review of the project were “incorrect”.

It is unfortunate that our branch leadership continues to engage in silly arguments with the respected State Auditor over a computer project that has hurt the reputation of the judiciary. Intemperate remarks and baseless claims that challenge the integrity of the Auditor does not reflect well on the judges of this state. We would hope that someone in authority would have the wherewithal to issue a “stand down ” directive to Judicial Council and AOC staff.

We include a story from KCRA television in Sacramento.  To view the actual video, click on 

The project was also the topic of discussions on the radio today.  To access the audio of today’s “Armstrong and Getty Radio Show” on station KSTE Talk 650, Sacramento, click
The CCMS discussion begins at the 4 minute, 50 second mark.

Thank you.


Alliance of California Judges


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Remember kids, everyone gets a prize for participating. There is no first place, there is no last place. There are no failures, only unrealized successes. There are no facts, there is no truth, just data to be manipulated. The AOC can get you any result you like because there is no wrong, there is no right and they sleep very well at night.