California Court Case Management System Deployment Options ? : None of the Above

Posted on March 25, 2012


Enclosed is a report to the Judicial Council on California Case Management System Deployment Options. Prepared by the Administrative Office of the Courts IT Director Mark Dusman, it is being submitted as an option list of recommendations of the CCMS Internal Committee  (One of the five committees – though this committee is staffed by muppets….) It is reports like this that simply underscore why managers like Mr. Dusman need to be fired and replaced.

Summary of……. Options ?

  • Option one ignores the legislature and their role in providing checks and balances. It’s an instruction to push through, continuing to develop and deploy the vaporware and the non-existent portals and 121 data exchange connectors and dms solutions that don’t currently exist without further delay.
  • Option two is a pause, much like the current quarter million dollar a day pause.
  • Option 3 is labeled termination of the V4 program, which is sort of like terminating a pregnancy by giving birth. It amounts to spending millions of dollars winding down the program, documenting and cataloging the CCMS software and tools while spending five million dollars on studying how to leverage and use CCMS technology (None of which carries any IP value) in the future while permanently expanding the CCMS program management office with new staff offices.
  • Option 4 which is not on the table should be to terminate all funding for the program and divert all funding to the trial courts.

In this report, options one and two amount to pushing through with CCMS deployment even though the project requires significant development to design and implement 121 data exchanges, portals that don’t exist and integrating it all with a document management solution that doesn’t exist.

Worry not good citizens because CCMS is complete and all of these other dependencies are outside the scope of the core software.

Please write and tell them that option 4 is the only responsible choice.