On the subject of de-cliffing lemmings…

Posted on March 7, 2012


Good morning California,

It’s been a few days since we’ve commented on the news and yet there’s been so much of it. Most of California is still experiencing shell shock over the quarter million dollar per day AOC expenditures on CCMS for a program that’s ostensibly finished. It’s obvious to all by now that Mr. Mark Moore knew what he was running from and got out while the getting was good. Mark left behind our favorite CCMS pinata, one  Justice Terence Bruniers because as we know only a justice has enough juice  to be credibly dishonest

credible dishonesty is a subject of intense immersion currently being practiced by our current Chief Justice with the “forget about all the tainted people in my administration because they were tainted before I took office, so you can just go ahead and forget about what they did before because I now occupy the chiefs chair” attitude.

credible dishonesty is practiced by our chief justice when she indicates she is willing to do anything to keep the doors of courthouses open right before a vote to close them by choosing to fund and mothball for a year CCMS instead.

credible dishonesty is practiced by our chief justice when she compares CCMS to a Ferrari in the garage that we can’t afford gas and insurance for. If it looks like a 1972 chevy vega and belches smoke like a 1978 olds diesel chances are it was imported from Detroit or Mumbai and not “Developed in Silicon Valley”

Of the thousands of software designers and firms located in her virtual Silicon Valley headquarters that could have taken this project on and delivered a functional application for a couple million dollars, an elaborate RFP that defines only a few providers is issued and only one of those, the most controversial one, is selected as sole source provider at a burn rate of nearly a quarter million dollars per day.

Is this the kind of administration we wish to hang our hats on and count on them to administer justice?

There’s speculation that the justice has moved her position to move away from CCMS because they (we) can’t afford it, yet just a few months ago her and others on the council were touting that they could not think of a better investment in the California court system. Will the council now reverse their position in light of the dire financial straits the courts are in now and how much worse they will be if another three years of a quarter million a day is spent?

Will the trial court or legislative troys buy that the AB1208 horse on wheels just outside their gates is safe to drag in from the cold as the ‘unnecessary’ spoils of war when it appears that the CCMS navy is sailing away?

Remember, this Chief Justice has said she wouldn’t close the courts before she voted to do just that. We’ve experienced a year of a CCMS “pause” voted on by the council that amounts to a quarter million dollars a day that underscores how dysfunctional judicial branch governance really is – and how it needs to be democratized. Do you really expect that on the 27th of March that two dozen council cheerleaders will change course or will they be changing course just long enough to give others reason to defeat AB1208?