How to avoid political suicide in one easy step…

Posted on February 8, 2012


….make damn sure JCW doesn’t get their grubby meat hooks on a video destined for court executives and presiding judges and broadcasts it to the public and the legislature.

Oopsie. Reefer Madness 2012 video

Let’s follow the bouncing ball, shall we? 

We think her speechwriter will face the firing squad at dawn tomorrow. Or already has…

…sometimes the best communications is to hear what isn’t being said. We’ll blend a little of both to come up with JCW’s john q public interpretation of this political faux pas.

1. Ignore everything that happened before me taking the helm. Approximately 900 million in funds that could have kept your courts open wasn’t really siphoned off to pay for CCMS or overpriced unlicensed contractors doing work on an exclusive basis from the Mexican border to the Oregon border and all points in between. We aren’t really building some of the worlds most expensive public buildings while others close down statewide. Think about what we did when we eliminated the most egregious examples of waste when we eliminated the Markleeville and Downieville courthouses (population of each city, about 200 and each slated to get 25 million dollar courthouses)

2. It took you all fifteen years to concentrate all judicial branch power into the hands of just one person and we did that by working together.

3. JudicialCouncilWatcher (and the rest of the media asking) wants to know where those form 700’s are and wants to know how much stock we own in all of the companies we steer work to. We’re trying to muddle our way around this pesky law.

4. We get no money, you get no honey California. We’ve mitigated cuts by taking only 86% of our typical bloated budget while you’ve suffered dearly at the trial court level.

5. I only want to talk about 2011. I want to mislead people about the changes made in the AOC. We can’t be flat-footed about the past and talk about it too much. Forget about 2010, 2009, 2008, 2007, 2006.

6. I’m glad that you presiding judges got together to rout the strong majority of the judges of this state that supported AB1208 by coming forward opposing AB1208.

7. I was surprised to hear all of the meritless, false claims about the Judicial Council and the AOC being made on the Assembly floor. Lies, I tell you, lies! They all read that yellow press over at and give false merit to the Alliance of California Judges and their noise.

8. Speaker Perez seemed genuinely concerned about all of those meritless false claims about the judicial council and the AOC being repeated on the assembly floor before the vote and wanted to know what was false? I couldn’t answer until I got together Pravda and had them spin their propaganda machine into a backhand slam on a few legislators. It’s in your handout and was sent to 120 legislators. (We’ll make sure the rebuttals hit their hands too Tani.)

9. I also spoke to Speaker Perez about him conducting a morally corrupt act by making AB1208 a political issue and strong-arming legislators while the bill was out for call. That should have never happened that way, it was dirty politics I tell ya! I lost to dirty politics, meritless arguments and false claims! I was told that each legislator would vote their conscience and that disturbed me that he did that. All those claims were made about the past.

10. What is most troubling to me is that AB1208 pitted judges against judges and is a violation of the separation of powers. AB1208 takes away my power. Why should my discretion be limited? 2011 -12 is all about transition, transformation and triumph. Just ignore the past and the waste that is happening now!

11. No action or money was spent on CCMS not already authorized by the legislature (ie given to the trial courts and skimmed off by the AOC)

12. So now we move to the Senate with AB1208. Because I went to school with Steinberg, that’s the reason the bill will sit so we can talk about budget. I haven’t seen the proponents of AB1208 speak anything about budget (although AB1208 is all about budget… doh!) and those dogs over at JudicialCouncilWatcher only speak of sweeping my court construction funds to fund the branch. I’m shooting for a 300 million dollar budget increase, not the sweeping of a similar amount from court construction.

13. We’re misunderstood and falsely represented by others. It’s all lies! LIES I TELL YA!

14 We’re the only branch that performs checks and balances dammit! The power of the purse is a dangerous intrusion of the separation of powers.


And your day wouldn’t be whole without this Pravda classic tossing Huffman et al under the bus. (and then putting him in charge of the accountability committee)