Chutzpah. Time to make that change.

Posted on January 28, 2012



In Hebrew, chutzpah is used indignantly to describe someone who has overstepped the boundaries of accepted behavior. In traditional usage, the word expresses a strong sense of disgust, condemnation and outrage. It also describes the behavior of the AOC, the Judicial Council and their operatives during the month of January.

This was predicted by many of our readers. They predicted that the AOC  and the Judicial Council would come out swinging, strategically trying to sell their position to legislators and pulling out all of the stops to do so. They would inevitably utilize their operatives to blame the largest court system in the country and those greedy public employee unions. With their message falling on deaf ears in major media they had to bring out the big guns and have the chief justice tour the state, blessing editorial boards with a rare appearance. They gifted legislators with tablet computers with a claim that the expenditure was one of private funds.

Their Peace de resistance where they demonstrated the most chutzpah was surrounding this months judicial council meeting. 

Leading into this meeting was Ron Overholt’s report that shockingly highlighted the AOC’s intense lobbying activity that claimed to be working aggressively to defeat AB1208 and a meeting with assemblymember Jeff Gorell where the AOC convinced the legislator to drop his sponsorship of subjecting the AOC’s construction activities to anti-fraud, waste, abuse and public corruption laws.

An even better reason to sweep all construction funds this year for court operations while court construction is transferred to the Department of General Services.

Sad to say, these weren’t the only acts of chutzpah. With AB1208 looking over their shoulder, without possessing a functional CCMesS V4 application for all case types, without having CCMesS V4 functional and operational in a single court, with CCMesS being years late on delivery, with about $2,200.00 per hour being earned by Deloitte and another $4,400.00 per hour being paid by the AOC for AOC CCMesS related employees and consultants with all of this spending being associated with a one year pause, they had the chutzpah to agree to another grant thornton study so that grant thornton can tell the Judicial Council and the AOC how they should go about deploying CCMesS vaporware to ten courts. Because… as we know they haven’t a clue. They will probably be targeting the majority of the courts currently using their competitors product – Sustain – because that is comparatively low hanging fruit. 

Hello McFly! How about fixing the mess you made in Sacramento with CCMS V3 first?

Then there were the committee reports that are truly telling. The second committee report is one from Jody Patel, carefully and misleadingly titled “Kings County – Development of fiscal and oversight policy” that amounts to a declaration that CCMess is not ready for even a single county court within the next 12 months – or longer. (The hint here is that a year from now Kings County will need to replace its case management system with an interim case management system……)


The next subject on the CCMesS committee reports agenda comes from Mr. Curtis Child and informs us of a new grant thornton study (**cough**AOC paid for opinion) on how to deploy CCmesS v4 vaporware to 10 courts….(Please don’t hold your breath unless you’re a director of the AOC or a council insider…)

And then there was the troubling gift of tablet computers to legislators, ostensibly donated by private attorneys but gifted by the AOC.

And Justice Scotland’s choice to take on John Chiang and his authority to eliminate legislators pay (wouldn’t you like to know who is paying those legal bills or what favors are being exchanged?) for not delivering a balanced budget and resigning as chair of the strategic evaluation committee. (this will likely result in a delay in the committees report until well after the election)

All of this bizarre behavior hasn’t only raised your eyebrows but the chutzpah has caught the attention of the legislature and media alike.  Let’s hope it is all enough to push AB1208 over the top and reign in some sanity with the central politburo.