While CSLB busts ten for contracting without a license, judicial branch unlicensed contractors get a free pass

Posted on January 24, 2012


Ten people were recently caught in Amador County for attempting to contract without a contractors license. While we applaud the effort of the Contractors State Licensing Board’s SWIFT enforcement teams, we continue to question why at least 5 unlicensed contractors who received tens of millions of dollars from the AOC get quasi-judicial immunity for contracting without a license.

While there appears to be civil cases against two of the judicial branch’s unlicensed contractors, there also appears to be some collusion going on between the AOC, the unlicensed contractors and the AG’s attorney managing the litigation, former AOC attorney Mr. Peter Krause.

In our own analysis of the litigation against the unlicensed entities, Mr. Paul is correct. “Team Jacobs” which was a joint venture of ABM and Jacobs Engineering Group goes without mention. Furthermore, Jacobs indicates that their AOC contract manager, Kenneth Kachold always knew that the entities were licensed, yet posted on this site is an email from Michael Paul asking Kenneth Kachold about the lack of a contractors license and receiving an email back indicating “no one is to respond to this message”.  (we’ll link the email when we find it) https://judicialcouncilwatcher.wordpress.com/2010/12/23/document-unlicensed-activity-sent-to-all-occm-fmu-management/

One would think that if the entity was licensed and Kenneth Kachold knew it that he would have responded to Mr. Paul with a contractors license number and put the matter to bed. That never happened because “Team Jacobs” never had a contractors license.

What makes this troubling is our own conversations with a dozen or so court workers, primarily San Francisco, Alameda,  Contra Costa, San Mateo and Solano County court workers who told us about  “Team Jacobs” personnel that collected their paychecks from ABM, passed out “Team Jacobs” business cards and wore “Team Jacobs” uniforms. We’ve posted their business cards. We’ve posted their court ID’s from Contra Costa County. We’ve posted proposals made to the AOC from Team Jacobs.

When we inquire with them about what action they’ve undertaken to expose what appears to be racketeering and criminal collusion the answer is universal; they don’t want to get fired.

Universally, they all believe that people in the AOC or on the Judicial Council have been getting kickbacks from this grossly overpriced, unlicensed activity and that this is the reason for no criminal charges, no criminal investigation and no mention of “Team Jacobs” in the litigation.

Hypothetical Situation:

What if you discovered someone like, let’s use Tonto and the two chief justices as an example here… What if you knew that Tonto and the two chief justices had tens of thousands of dollars worth of remodeling performed on their houses performed in… let’s say, 8 remodeling jobs over the past five years and this work was being billed to the AOC’s facilities maintenance program in the form of grossly inflated charges? Wouldn’t that be a good reason to bury the name “Team Jacobs” and explain succession? Wouldn’t that go a long ways in explaining the apparent collusion?

If the issue stopped at the AOC with AOC personnel, one would believe that the Judicial Council would have already called for an independent investigation – however if Judicial Council members were receiving these benefits, then of course the name Team Jacobs would never see the light of day, there would be no investigation and there would be every possible effort made to ensure that the AOC lost the civil litigation against the unlicensed entities.

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