The JC and the AOC pulls out all the stops to prevent their budget from being cut

Posted on January 19, 2012


Over the past couple of weeks you’ve probably noticed the carefully orchestrated effort to assemble throngs of people, groups and close judicial branch partners to rally to the aid of the Judicial Council and the AOC and defeat AB1208.  This effort is ongoing and is being orchestrated by Judicial Council leadership and Pravda, the AOC’s office of communications.

Yesterday there was a rally where Tani indicated previously that she would be leading the rally of more than a thousand people to protest for full funding for the (judicial council and AOC’s wasteful programs) trial courts.

Funny thing: – Tani never showed up to lead her march and neither did a thousand people. We count less than 300 people in the entire image but feel free to count them yourself. Of course, knowing how the AOC has utilized their own employees in a show of force before, we’re left wondering how many of these people were bussed over from the nearest AOC office?

Note to management:- The SEIU and AFSCME can turn out about ten times this amount of people on their worst day and at least five times as many people read JCW every day.

What’s fascinating to us is that the Judicial Council and the AOC lobbied legislators by giving them “ipads” or “tablet computers” so that their pre-loaded video message could be played back for legislators. The declared value of these tablet computers given to legislators was $200.00, so we should be seeing every legislator entering this gift into their FPPC reports.

The troubling part of the reports is that in some reports they are ipads and not just undefined “tablet computers” as even the base model iPad would run afoul of the FPPC gift limitation.

JCW would be fascinated to find out if these were iPads (and therefore illegal gifts) or kindle fires (coming in at around $200.00) – or- exactly what kind of computers these were. JCW would also be fascinated to learn exactly who paid for these gifts that were probably given to the AOC, loaded with the video and then given to legislators.

Isn’t it sad that the judicial council has to resort to bribes, expensive video production and pre-loading a message on a truckload of tablet computers just to get their message across?

It smacks of desperation.