Chief Justice: We’ve become slower, thinner, smaller.

Posted on January 12, 2012


Again, trying to avoid getting voted off the island-

Take a good look at Tonto’s image in the background. He’s become slower – but thinner and smaller aren’t the reasons.

Tonto’s looking quite portly compared to previous images.

The services that the Chief Justice indicates that have been cut to the bone have been in the trial courts. Two days ago we received more proof that the AOC is continuing to hire 125K+ per year consultants when again, one of our regular readers was recruited by IT Ascent.

So they’re still hiring in case any of you trial court workers is in need of a job. By all accounts some projects have been slowed down to a pace that people can actually accomplish them instead of the blistering pace of carelessness that has been pervasive in numerous statewide AOC programs.

The one sore spot continues to be local courthouse maintenance where those courts that went out and hired people to change light bulbs and air filters are doing better than those that rely on mega-contractors. And of course, there’s that half-million dollar a week ‘pause’ on ccms…..

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