’twas the month after Christmas – a valued contribution by one of our readers

Posted on January 6, 2012


‘Twas The Month After Christmas


‘Twas the month after Christmas

And all through the AOC’s house

All the creatures were stirring, and scurrying about.

The stockings were still hung round the Counsel dais with care,

In hopes that the State Legislature soon would be there.

The justices all sat robotically nodding their heads,

While visions of less power filled them with dread.

And the CJ in her ‘kerchief, and Tonto in his black hat

Had just settled in for a little night-cap.

When down on the street, there arose such a clatter,

That Tonto sprang from his drink, to see what was the matter.

Dashed to the window, threw up the sash.

And let out a long irritated gasp.

The sun burned Tonto’s eyes like brightly lit snow,

As he cast his gaze to the ground down below,

Where what to his horrified eyes should appear,

But a gathering crowd, unstopped by fear.

With more and more people, gathering quick

The very sight of it made Tonto quite sick.

More rapid than ants on a trail they came

And he cursed, and he shouted, and started calling them names.

You’re stupid!  You’re ignorant! You’re mis-informed!

You troublemakers!  You rebels!  You’re a pain in the groin!

I won’t take a fall!  Do you hear me?  I won’t take a fall!

Now go away, go away, go away all!

As dry leaves in the path of a wild fire lie,

When they meet with a spark, and then take to the sky,

More and more came, and the crowd below grew.

From the courts, then the public, then the legislature, and the ACJ too.

And then in a twinkling, Tonto heard on the roof

The scurrying and pawing likes a rat in the roof.

And as Tonto drew back his gaze, and was turning around,

Down through the ceiling St. Vickrey came with a bound.

He was reeking of Grey Goose, from his head to his foot,

And his reputation was all tarnished by ashes and soot.

With a bundle of lies flung on his back,

He looked like a swindler, just leading the pack.

His eyes, how they were vacant! his smile quite scary!

His voice was quite leaden, his nose glowed like a cherry!

His thin little mouth was curled up like a joker.

And the line of his chin was as hard as a poker.

The stump of a lobster claw he held tight in his teeth,

And the scent of a scandal encircled his head like a wreath.

He had a drawn face and bloated middle-aged belly,

He jiggled when he moved, and his clothes were quite smelly.

He was shabby and slumped, not quite his old self,

And Tonto sighed heavily when he saw him, in spite of himself.

The droop of his eye, and the twist in his head,

Soon gave Tonto the thought that he might have something to dread.

St. Vickrey spoke not a word, but went straight to work

Looking around for some money, and just being a jerk

Then he poked his finger up in his nose

And pulled something out that smelled like his toes!

Then he went for the door, and to Tonto gave a whistle

And Tonto sprang to his side, like a dog takes to gristle

And I heard them exclaim, as they ran out of sight,

“A new year is upon us, now let’s pick a fight!”



The following video is featured to illustrate things that are just messed up about society in general. This song, “Pumped Up Kicks” by Foster The People was in the top ten list for 2011. It’s probably music you’ve heard and even appreciated its unique artistic qualities.

Have you listened closely to the lyrics? The video helps.