The New Years Resolutions Thread

Posted on December 30, 2011


With 2012 rapidly approaching we get to look forward to a report bought and paid for by the AOC. Produced by long time AOC commissioned report writers Grant Thornton it will likely continue to paint a rosy picture of what’s beginning to look more like the Hindenberg and less like the Titanic.

Some time about mid-year we can expect that Justice Scotland will be giving the AOC a clean bill of health and tell us that the AOC is understaffed for their mission.  According to usually reliable sources, AB1208 is to be ‘reintroduced’ so we’re looking forward to finding out what reintroduced means. We anticipate its passage this year along with some other changes to the way the AOC conducts their affairs being imposed upon them. We expect to see our trial courts funded and the kleptocracy in San Francisco, Burbank and Sacramento to be left dying on the vine.

In this new years, we hope to publish stories from the front lines written by people just like you and let them syndicate to over 320 other outlets, much like every post made here does.

This is some of what we’ll be working towards in the new year: Our resolutions. Maybe you have your own to share…

From the folks at JCW,

Have a happy and safe New Year.

And don’t pay attention to the Mayan calendar. 😉