AOC / Council’s Proposed Entanglement with Billionaire Raises Questions

Posted on December 22, 2011





December 21, 2011

Dear Members and Others:

As you know, the Judicial Council recently entered into a letter of intent with Dr. Patrick Soon-Shiong to explore a partnership whereby the doctor would provide funds and other resources to complete the troubled CCMS project.  Although behind the scenes negotiations have apparently been underway for a year, the Council was only informed of this potential rescue in October.

The Alliance continues to be concerned with the lack of transparency in this process and the obvious issue of conflicts of interest should lawsuits be filed against the doctor in our local courts.  We also question the wisdom of turning over court records–many of which contain sealed confidential documents–to a third party.  We agree with Senator Noreen Evans who has expressed reservations about the propriety of the public’s business being intertwined with a private entity.

We attach for your information an excellent article from the Courthouse News which details the many concerns this “partnership” raises.  The article can also be electronically accessed at Courthouse News by clicking this link. 

We thank you for your support and interest.

Alliance of California Judges


JCW disclaimer – We omitted the courthouse news article attached to the email and modified the wording of the link.