And I ran, I ran so far away….

Posted on December 20, 2011


Okay, we have to admit to this being a two video post. First up is a surprise announcement from Tonto regarding the latest twit to mis-manage the CCMS project. The reason it is a two video post should be apparent after awhile. P.S. Ronnie, your contact information as the leader of the AOC is the only stuff you’ll probably see us openly post.

We took some liberties.

From: Overholt, Ron
Sent: Tuesday, December 20, 2011 8:42 AM
To: AOC Users-All
Subject: CCMS Transition


Over the last eight years the challenges involved in implementing the California Case Management System have changed with each phase of the project. What are you talking about? It was mismanaged from its inception which was one big phase that continues to this day. Throughout the life of this project, (groan) though, the vision for CCMS has remained constant: an integrated justice system for California. What? How does a computer program integrate the justice system? Step away from the grey goose thankyouverymuch. Now that development of the system is complete, Liar or Lying Bastard… decisions, decisons. Writing migration tools and connectors and an integrated DMS system are all a part of the freaking project. It ain’t done, Tonto…. we face new challenges of deployment in a period of great fiscal uncertainty. …and it would help to finish the program too but we know you’re on your way because you paused it….. but it wasn’t really a pause….

Since last January, Mark Moore has served as Executive Program Director of the CCMS Program Management Office with the responsibility to oversee the completion of the project and early deployment of the system. Last week Mark informed me that he plans to pursue other opportunities.  Former AOC executive with a Napoleonic complex. Engineer on a train to nowhere seeks other employment opportunities: Please inquire within. Queue music….. If this project was anything BUT a black hole anyone leading it would stick around for bragging rights and a notch on their project six gun.


Mark brought 16 years of experience in handling large technology projects and he tackled his extraordinarily complex assignment at a time of considerable controversy and with limited resources. On behalf of the all of his colleagues in the Project Management Office and at the AOC, I thank Mark for the tremendous work he has done since he took over the project including completing the development of CCMS in August, its successful testing by two independent reviews in September, and getting CCMS ready for deployment. Did you read the freaking last document from the last independent review Tonto? You can spray perfume all over dog shit and it doesn’t change the composition. The last document from the last review indicated the project was still being mismanaged. Information Services Director Mark Dusman will provide leadership for CCMS during this time of transition. Wasn’t it this character who with the help of Shiela Calabro and the former AOC finance Director now San Bernardino court executive Stephen Nash that was mismanaging this project in the first place? Queue next set…..


We will very much miss Mark. His official departure date is January 3.  Please join me in thanking and congratulating Mark. Okay……this is a call for a third video



Ronald G. Overholt

Interim Administrative Director of the Courts

Judicial Council of California – Administrative Office of the Courts

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“AOC: 50 years of service to the courts and the people of California, 1961–2011”