Vaporware, Wired Magazine Redux – Please act now

Posted on December 15, 2011


Dearest readers, union members, retired judicial branch employees, judges, justices and others:

Wired Magazine has finally released their calls for submission for this years WIRED MAGAZINE vaporware 2011 award.

The reason we’re doing a second post on this subject is that the journalist covering this years’ vaporware competition has changed and there is not another product on planet earth more worthy of this years’ vaporware award than is the California Case Management System Version 4.

Please take the time to write Mike Issac of Wired Magazine and submit CCMS V4 to this years Vaporware Award.

Mike Issac can be reached at

Thanks again for all your support from the folks at JCW.

Breaking News: Yen Interactive Media is putting up a $100.00 in Santa Cash to the person with the broadest email distribution to this years vaporware award. To qualify for this award all of the following must be met:

1. Email as many people as you can to encourage them to write Mike Issac and submit CCMS as this years Vaporware award. So that JCW can actually count the UNIQUE distribution, please carbon copy or blind carbon copy and place all recipients besides JCW in the to: field so that we can count them. Note that recipients must be unique and JCW will use those entries only for this contest. We will not retain the email lists for any other purpose.

2. Wired Magazine must list CCMS V4 as one of this years VAPORWARE award winners.

3. If you are unable to accept this award, please designate a cause, charity or association to make the award to.

This award will be sent within 3 days after Wired Magazine announces CCMS V4 as one of this years VAPORWARE award winners.

(Sorry, employees that work for Yen Interactive Media, their 300 affiliates and immediate family members are ineligible to receive this award)