It’s snowing here at JCW

Posted on December 5, 2011


As Judicial Council Watcher clocks by another holiday season we’re all acutely aware of a state government that is currently projected to be 3.7 billion dollars in the hole. We’re aware of courts that are grossly underfunded based on flawed revenue models at transfer. We’re aware of the iPad and other tech spending sprees being conducted by the AOC. We’re aware that the AOC paid two companies a whole lot of money to evaluate CCMS based on the criteria of evaluation determined by the AOC. We’re aware that the CCMS program continues to be mismanaged. We’re aware that the Office of Court Construction continues to shift project monies towards maintenance tasks with our grandchildren picking up the costs on current maintenance. We’re aware of the controversy of a multi-billionaire offering to leverage an estimated 1% of ccms’s costs for some yet to be determined benefit. We’re aware of the AOC’s continued hiring binge, hiring consultants at a price substantially higher than temporary 909 workers in part to conceal their hiring binge. We’re aware that the AOC is rushing new construction into the pipeline and getting a substandard, overly expensive product. We’re aware that the AOC is above all laws pertaining to transparency and accountability.

As Judicial Council Watcher looks toward the new year, we also look towards the legislature to exercise the power of the purse by funding the trial courts and gutting the AOC via direct appropriations.

And we’re also looking to publish this years 12 days of a Judicial Branch or AOC Christmas and are looking for submissions. Please submit your version of the 12 days of Christmas by this weekend for publication.

Happy Holidays from Judicial Council Watcher.