Carpet: $391 per sq. yard and “game changers”

Posted on November 18, 2011



In a new MSNBC story released this morning, another court has followed our advice and made an analysis of the AOC’s 700 million dollar wish list. As you may recall, San Diego’s judges were first to call attention to things like $2,500.00 to paint a closet and $210,000 to pave a parking lot that the judicial branch doesn’t even own.  In the MSNBC article this morning, the Sacramento courts weighing in with carpeting at $391 per square yard or over 44.00 per square foot, a $155,000.00 kitchenette and $198,000.00 for signage throughout the courthouse.

Our own analysis of all of these Sacramento prices show that these expenses are about ten times what these things should cost which calls into question: Who is getting rich at the expense of court workers jobs? It isn’t the contract workers doing the maintenance because various complaints filed indicate that neither of the previously unlicensed contractors were paying prevailing wages. 

These prices reflect only jobs with a priority rating of 2 thru 5 because priority one jobs are automatically approved. Given that the lower priority projects would get more scrutiny than higher ones, it does call into question what the AOC has spent on priority one projects. Luckily for the public, Charles Calderon has formed a select committee to look into the money already spent on priority one and other projects when the legislative session opens after the start of the year. Thank You Assembly Majority Leader Charles Calderon.


And what message is the Judicial Council sending to courts, court workers and the general public?

It’s pretty clear to us….


The next story is about a righteous editorial from Bill Girdner of Courthouse News. While Mr. Girdner does not touch on the point that our billionaire friend from L.A. will leverage a paltry 1% investment into ccms in exchange for some yet undefined benefit, he does an excellent job outlining Colorado’s woes. If there is any benefit to be derived for our L.A. billionaire, this project should go out to bid.

Courthouse News – Smoke and Mirrors by Bill Girdner

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