“Company Confidential” – The new paradigm in the AOC’s continued hiring binge

Posted on November 15, 2011


Here it is, November 2011. You probably remember some little blurb about voluntary separation of employees earlier this year from the AOC ostensibly to reduce the amount of layoffs that would be imposed upon other AOC employees.

The good news for AOC employees is that it is all a sham. We’re informed that not a single person has been downsized in September, October or half way into November of this year. In fact, the hiring binge continues.

While you may no longer be able to find AOC jobs on job boards like Monster.com, dice.com or craigslist.org, rest assured that if you plug your resume on one of these three sites, AOC’s contract recruiters will be contacting you instead of you contacting them.

How do we know? Because both IT firms and Apple One are still recruiting, denoting the company as “company confidential”. The problem with that is that not everybody will go to work for just anybody so company confidential does not remain the policy once a recruiter contacts you. Reports have been trickling in from other readers of JCW about the AOC’s ongoing “Company Confidential” recruiting efforts with our own readers being recruited by the AOC.

And there you thought they were taking proactive measures to reduce their head count, all while increasing their head count……

It’s all just another version of Tani’s truth.