Michael Roddy’s credibility remains near zero

Posted on November 14, 2011


As most of us here know, Michael Roddy, a former AOC employee and current CEO of the San Diego courts has been lamenting these judicial budget cuts, indicating he would be forced to lay off employees. And yet here he goes spending seven million dollars on a document management system and the employees necessary to scan thousands and thousands of court cases into CCMS.



Now at first blush you might think that the documents being scanned were being scanned into the oft promised and yet never delivered CCMS version 4. Well, since the vaporware he continues to promote is not yet ready for prime time, he will be building this document management system around his current V3 implementation while imposing delays upon the media and the public at large under a new process called pre-processing. If you want to see the documents, you can wait for them to appear on line so you can pay through the nose or you can wait until they are no longer newsworthy and view them at the courthouse.

If the current system has worked for years, why is he imposing this albatross upon his local citizens and the media? While JCW wasn’t able to interview Mr. Roddy over his sudden flush of cash (and wouldn’t try because some public information officer would be rushing out to ensure he doesn’t place his foot in his mouth….. again…..) we were whispered some time ago that Mr. Roddy was holding out for project cash from the AOC for his document management system .  While he continues to make noise about the need to lay off some people, he’s hiring other people to scan documents into their document management system because as we know from Sacramento, scanning documents into CCMS costs millions more than just filing them and making them accessible to the media and public.

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