A new (and arguably better) resource for trial court reporters….

Posted on November 14, 2011


So our resume link idea didn’t take off. There was some talk around the office that it wouldn’t and we wouldn’t get any resumes. The talk was correct….. We’ll be removing that page soon and updating our court reporters page to add a few court reporters and to add what we believe is a better, more appropriate resource to contact experienced court reporters from around the state.

Not only will we attempt to parallel this effort but we will promote this effort over our own by adding a few new links –  both on the court reporters page and in our navigation menu here at JCW.


From the good people over at California Trial (Court) Reporters-

CATrialReporters.com is a reporter directory of laid-off CA officials and pro tems.

It was not designed as a firm or agency, but merely as a listing of experienced courtroom reporters.  If you choose to enter your name into the directory, any law firm or entity using the site is able to click on your name and make arrangements with you directly. CATrialReporters does not take a cut nor schedule jobs.  It is purely a directory of reporters with courtroom experience.  The goal of the website is to be just one more resource to help steer court work directly to experienced courtroom reporters.


You can sign up to be listed on California Trial (Court) Reporters by entering in your bio information here.